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Retina surgery without leaving the island of Ibiza

The Policlínica Group's first retina surgeries have been successfully carried out

Posterior vitrectomy is a very important surgical technique in ophthalmology carried out by retina specialists.

It consists of removing the vitreous (the eye's inner gel) in order to treat the retina in different pathologies, such as, for example, retinal detachment, complications of diabetes, pathologies of the centre of the retina or macula, complications arising from other surgeries, eye trauma, etc?

To this end, the Policlínica Group has acquired state-of-the-art equipment which allows these surgeries to be performed on an outpatient basis in the operating theatre. This apparatus allows the surgeon to access an area which would be impossible in normal surgery... Doctor Hugo Blasco, retina specialist at the Policlínica Group, adds: "The equipment allows us to perform vitreoretinal surgery, so we can tackle problems and illnesses which until now were not solved in Ibiza. With this we can provide a much more complete service at the Instituto Pitiuso de Oftalmología without having to leave the island".

It has the novelty of being able to perform surgery on the back of the eye (retina) and also on the front of the eye, for example, cataracts.

The intervention is performed through three small punctures through which the surgeon introduces three very fine trocars as guides to the vitreous, through which the elements necessary for the technique are introduced: through one goes a light that improves the visibility of the area, through another an irrigation that maintains the pressure in the eye, and through the third the instruments necessary for the surgery.

The Policlínica Group's first retina surgeries have been carried out successfully.

Dr. Hugo Blasco explains how these operations went: "In the first case, the patient had a lens that had fallen out of position and moved to the retina (he suffers from a disease that weakens the places where the lenses rest). The gelatine had to be removed and the lens, which was dislocated, was removed and replaced by another one".

The surgery lasted about an hour, was performed in the operating theatre of the Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario under local anaesthesia, and the patient was able to go home peacefully, without being admitted to hospital.

"In the second case," continues Blasco, "it was a vitreous haemorrhage, which came from a retinal artery that had bled due to vitreous detachment. Everything was resolved without complications".

The Pitiuso Ophthalmology Institute is in constant improvement

The Pitiuso Institute of Ophthalmology (located in the Vila Parc Clinic) has specialists who can deal with practically 100% of ocular pathology and work with a maxim: the constant updating of its technology, which is important in medicine, and especially in the case of ophthalmology.

More information and appointments: 971 30 23 54


Retina surgery without leaving the island of Ibiza


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