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Ibiza Health and Beauty is a new Health and Wellbeing Club from Fomento del Turismo de la Isla de Ibiza organisation. Fomento de Turismo is a non-profit association made up of private bodies in Ibiza backed by local, regional and national government to promote Health, Beauty, Wellness and Wellbeing Tourism in Ibiza and Formentera.

This platform enables us to join forces to promote and develop our Health, Beauty and Wellness Tourism sector by representing and promoting all our member companies and their activities.

We are able to do this with public-private funds provided by the members themselves and the Island Council of Ibiza, and by forging strategic alliances for development.

Fomento del Turismo has been working to promote tourism and participating in work groups with government agencies for more than 80 years to attract quality tourism to the island while conserving its genuine character, natural surroundings and traditions. The organisation currently has more than 300 members, which include hotels, restaurants, entertainment companies, stores, individual members, etc. The following are just some of the benefits of belonging to Fomento del Turismo de Ibiza:

  1. Unity: Public-private.
  2. Visibility: also on the Fomento website www.descubreibiza.com.
  3. Dissemination and networking: Website, social networks, events and among members.
  4. Optional membership of product clubs: Luxury, Mice, Experiences, Gastronomy and Health, Wellness and Wellbeing.



  • Establish shared objectives and highly effective strategies.
  • Advise member companies on activities and promotions.
  • Advertise companies through different channels and with communication actions: website, social networks, events, catalogues, fairs, media, ...
  • Position the Island of Ibiza as a world leading Health and Wellness tourism destination.
  • Lead the wellness sector with a broad range of services that encourage healthy living.
  • Create synergies with other Fomento de Turismo Product Clubs.
  • Organise experiences and events with member companies to attract both residents and tourists.
  • Work together on contents that encourage people to adopt preventive health measures.
  • Launch actions with media impact.
  • Hold professional training events.
  • Raise awareness of our resources, companies and talents.
  • Deal with requests from local and international media organisations and keep them informed.
  • Handle queries from companies and outside bodies.
  • Forge alliances with companies and institutions that will assist the development of our Health and Wellness tourism.


Ibiza is healthy, it offers a great quality of life and it is the ideal destination for reconnecting body and mind. Come and enjoy the endless opportunities that this island offers to take care of your health and beauty, in matchless natural surroundings and with a Mediterranean quality of life.

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