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IV Ibiza Wellness Weekend 2023


II Ibiza Yoga Week


II Ibiza Yoga Week 17 June

II Ibiza Yoga Week 18 June

II Ibiza Yoga Week 19 June

II Ibiza Yoga Week 20 June

II Ibiza Yoga Week 21 June

Global Wellness Day 2023


Entrena en Ibiza 2023

White Yoga Ibiza

My Pilates Ibiza

Awa Yoga

The Loft Ibiza

I Jornadas Deporte y Salud 2022


III Ibiza Wellness Weekend 2022


Ibiza Yoga Week 2022

17 June. Yoga with Mireia of White Yoga Ibiza + Dalt Vila Route Ibiza Eco Activities

18 June. Yoga with Francesca Marchioro + Cova de Can Marça Visit

19 June. Yoga with Vanesa Canto + River Route Ibiza Eco Activities

20 June. Yoga with Patricia Yoga Punto Can-Pal+Paddle Surf Excursion Sup Yoga Ibiza

Ibiza Yoga Week 21 June. International Yoga Day 2022


Global Wellness Day Ibiza Ibiza 2022


Train in Ibiza


Nirvana Fitness Center

Bfit Ibiza Sports

F45 Training Ibiza

Crossfit Isla Blanca

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