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2ª Jornada de Belleza y Bienestar de Ibiza


 2ª Jornada de Belleza y Bienestar de Ibiza

Global Wellness Day 2021 (Summary)

Global Wellness Day 2021 Summary

World Yoga Day 2021

Global Wellness Day (12/06/2021)

Magness Soulful Spa, Bless Hotel

Revival Spa, Aguas de Ibiza Hotel

La Posidonia Spa, Na Xamena

AwaySpa, W Hotel

Open Spa, Ibiza Gran Hotel


Ibiza Wellness Weekend 2020 (Summary)

Ibiza Wellness Weekend 2020

Ibiza Wellness Weekend (13/12/2020)

Joan Marí (BFit), Fitness Hiit

Arantxa Areta, coach

Jessica García (Be Your Balance)

Paso a Paso Dance School

Marina Ribas, showcooking

Full Day

Ibiza Wellness Weekend (12/12/2020)

Yoga Sulaika Experience

Paco de la Fuente. 'The art of living'

White Yoga & Ibiza Retreats

Gala Robles (Ibiza Dance Academy)

Showcooking Aliwalú Vital Chef

Full Day

Beauty and Wellbeing Day (01/12/2020)


Organic cosmetics and skincare

Preventive cosmetic medicine

Self massage and facial exercise

Making products with organic Aloe Vera

Full Day

Bodymind Agrotour Ibiza 2020


Interview with Javier (Casa Maca)

Interview with Belén (Can Curreu)

Interview with Lori (Hostal La Torre)

Interview with Tina Soriano (Can Lluc)

Interview with Sonia (Casa Morna)


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