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Galeno Clinic

Medical-cosmetic services

  • About us

    With more than 40 years of experience offering private health services throughout the island of Ibiza and Formentera, our central clinic is currently located in Sant Antoni de Portmany, where you can find all our services, including the aesthetic medicine department.

    We also have 4 other medical centres where we offer specialised medical assistance, located in different parts of the island: Bahía de San Antonio, Playa den Bossa, Es Canar and Portinatx.

    We are a leading company in medical services, ambulance services, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, medical examinations of all kinds and training.

  • What you can find?

    Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery Unit:

    • Medical laser hair removal.
    • Facial treatments: expression wrinkles, bruxism, dark circles under the eyes, rhinomodelling without surgery, bar code, gummy smile...
    • Body treatments: cellulite, hyperhidrosis, hydrolipoclasia, mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage...
    • Diets and nutrition.
    • Dental whitening.
    • Plastic and reconstructive surgery.


    Medical examination centre:

    Centre approved by the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) Nº PM1018.

    We carry out all types of medical certificates:

    • Driving licence: issue, renewal, loss of points or exchange (homologation of the licence for foreigners).
    • Dangerous animals.
    • Weapons.
    • Recreational boats, professional boats and jet skis.
    • Sporting certificates.
    • Security and escorts.
    • Access controllers, swimming pools, taxis, cranes...


    Services in the Clinics:

    • Urgencies and Emergencies 24h.
    • Ambulances 24h.
    • Medical Specialities.
    • Laboratory: Clinical Analysis.
    • Diagnostic imaging service: Digital radiology and ultrasound scans.


    Ambulance Services:

    We have the Certificate of quality management system of IQNET and AENOR in ISO 9001 and Health Transport UNE 17002.

    We have all types of ambulances:

    • Non-assistance and collective.
    • Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS).


    We offer:

    • Urgent medical assistance
    • Urgent programmed transfers (Medicalised aircraft).
    • Non-urgent scheduled transfers.
    • Rehabilitation.
    • Coverage in discotheques, sporting events, concerts, fairs...


    Training for companies and institutions:

    Our company is approved by the Conselleria de Salut de les Illes Balears (No. EFDESA 081) for official training with the corresponding qualification.

    • Basic Life Support (BLS) courses.
    • First Aid courses.
    • Use of Defibrillator (DESA) in non-health centres.
    • Official Defibrillator Distributor.


    Other services:

    • Medical services, nursing, physiotherapy and psychology.
    • Aquatic and swimming pool lifeguard services.
    • Care Tents with all the necessary medical equipment.

    WE GO WHEREVER YOU NEED US. 24 HOURS A DAY (homes, hotels, boats...).


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