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    Open Spa, at Ibiza Gran Hotel, boasts more than 1,300m² dedicated to revitalizing body and mind. A spa made up of four zones that complement each other: Aqua, Rituals, Fitness and Open Beauty, combining to offer you a unique experience of profound wellbeing.

    Including a water zone offering a hydrotherapy pool and underwater massage experiences (spouts, cascades, swan neck jets…), a counter-current swimming pool, a Kneipp contrast path, ice pool, hammam and sauna. Considered the best hydrotherapy treatment in Ibiza, where water is a stimulating and relaxing element. Enter slowly, submerge little by little, close your eyes, stop listening to the outside world, start over again. Open Spa also offers health and beauty treatments, therapies, all in a luxurious environment that improves relax and wellbeing, both in individual cabins with a private terrace for outdoor treatments or a romantic cabin for couple treatments.

    Ibiza Gran Hotel also includes one of the most luxurious of hair & nail salons in Ibiza, in the hands of the prestigious brand Princesa de Sal, offering a complete list of hairdressing, manicure, pedicure and make up services incorporating new treatments performed with products by a range of exclusive brands.

    Integrated with Open Spa, the Fitness area counts with cardiovascular and bodybuilding equipment: elliptical machines, static bicycles, treadmills, a bodybuilding machine, dumbbells and a new rowing machine with multi-drive technology. And for those who wish it, Ibiza Gran Hotel offers training sessions, yoga or pilates with an instructor available on request.

    Take advantage of our deals

    Luxe Open Experience + Aqua at Open Spa + Breakfast

    Luxe Open Experience + Aqua at Open Spa + Breakfast

    Aqua at Open Spa + La Gaia Dinner Tasting menu

    Aqua at Open Spa + La Gaia Dinner Tasting menu

  • What you can find?

    Water area

    • Hydrotherapy pool
    • Underwater massages 
    • Counter-current swimming pool
    • Kneipp contrast path
    • Ice pool
    • Hammam and sauna

    Health and beauty treatments and therapies

    • Individual cabins
    • Outdoor treatments
    • Individual cabins

    Hair & Nails Salon

    • Hairdresser
    • Manicure
    • Pedicure

    Fitness Space

    • Ellipticals
    • Exercise Bikes
    • Treadmills
    • Weight training machines
    • Dumbbells
    • Rowing machine with multidrive technology

    And if you wish, Ibiza Gran Hotel puts at your disposal and under request, training sessions, yoga or pilates with instructor. 


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