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Here’s to a year full of well-being in Ibiza!

Ibiza is a wonderful place to lead a healthy life and for spending a few days resting and pampering yourself. With nature beyond compare, between the mountains and the sea you will find a plethora of wonderful ways of taking care of yourself. Let’s take a look at well-being you can enjoy in Ibiza all year round and stop to look at some of its most attractive possibilities. You’ll find a huge number of excellent well-being facilities and profe...
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Bodymind Agrotour Ibiza 2020

Look after your health with the help of the Fomento del Turismo de la Isla de Ibiza (Island of Ibiza Tourism Development) and the Consell Insular d’Eivissa. The Fomento del Turismo de la Isla de Ibiza, along with its new Health and Wellness Club, Ibiza Health & Beauty, is launching “Bodymind ...


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