Weekly classes Yoga&Balance with Jana Vanhees

Fecha inicio: 22.03.2021
Fecha fin: 31.12.2021
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Horario: Different a week
Lugar del evento: Online - On-site

Jana, a passionate Yoga instructor commited to share the art of wellbeing and to inspire others to love their bodies and to seek a balance between movement and stillness and to explore the synchronization of the breath with the movement. Accessible and understandable classes, so they allow the students to open up to new perspectives, to connect with the wisdom we all carry within and to integrate it into their daily lives.

+Info: www.instagram.com/yogabalanceibiza


Bookings: 629992921

Price: 15€ / clase

When: Thursday 16:00h and Sunday 10:30h.

Length: 1:20h


Bookings: 629992921

Price: 10€ / class

When: Friday 6 pm (others to consult)

Where: Online – Zoom

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