2nd Ibiza Beauty and Wellbeing Day (On-site)

To celebrate the summer in Ibiza and support the firms and companies that are committed to local and ecological products, as well as the well-being of people and the island, the Ibiza Health & Beauty Wellness Tourism Club of Fomento del Turismo de la Isla de Ibiza is organising the 2nd Ibiza Beauty and Wellbeing Day at the new Parque Ibiza Botánico Biotecnológico, next Saturday 24th July from 10am to 1.30pm, surrounded by a complete representation of the flora of Ibiza and the natural ingredients used by our firms.

The event is free and can be attended in person, until full capacity, or watch from the comfort of our homes or cities, for them it is necessary to register here.

During the event we will be able to enjoy a guided tour of the new Ibiza Botanical Biotechnological Park and various Masterclasses by the best professionals and firms of natural cosmetics in Ibiza, which will teach us how to make these products and take care of our skin and beauty more and better, these are:

"Pure regenerating Aloe Vera gel, extraction and uses" with Ibizaloe - César Mayol.
"Making natural cosmetics with Ibizan plant extracts" with Ibiza Softens Age - Isabel Dumas
"Face Yoga & Facial Gymnastics" with Atzaró Spa Products - Susana Yábar
"Sensorial olfactory workshop with natural essences. Create your own perfume" with Campos de Ibiza - Aurélie Kahn
"Natural Anti-Aging Cosmetics. Preventive self-massage" with Ibiza Posidonia - Claudia Jesús
It is worth mentioning in this event the special presence of our beauty ambassador Susana Yabar, who in addition to representing one of our firms with a master class of "Yoga & Facial Gymnastics" will be the icon of beauty and wellness on the island of Ibiza, as many of her fitness classes for women are broadcast from Ibiza, where she lives and resides for much of the year. Her channels now have more than 5 million followers in several languages.

Find out more about our professionals and cosmetics companies on the island:


He is the Director of Ibizaloe, a company dedicated to ecological cosmetics with 100% natural aloe vera from Ibiza from its own plantations. A great entrepreneur who, after finishing his degree and master's degree, started this project with just one product, the 99% organic Pure Aloe Vera Gel from Ibiza, which is now internationally recognised for its great properties due to the microclimate and the land we have on the island. Today it has a wide variety of cosmetics and health products, totally ecological and certified at international level (Ecocert, Cosmos) which you can purchase at www.ibizaloe.com. Its plantations can be visited and there is a museum dedicated to the history and uses of Aloe Vera.


The management of the company passed from mother to daughter in 2005. After a doctorate in international trade specialising in the luxury sector, Aurelie joined the family business that her mother, Camila, founded in the 1970s. Mother and daughter have always shared their passion for the world of perfumery and their love for our island. Aurelie's fascination for the world of perfumes from a very young age even led her to travel to Grasse and Paris to take several courses in haute perfumery. A family story, passed down from mother to daughter, which over the years has made Campos de Ibiza the Mediterranean benchmark for signature perfumery and natural cosmetics.


Isabel Dumas has been in the world of beauty for 30 years. She started working as a make-up artist for film and photography in Holland for 7 years. A very nice and creative job, but along the way she became aware of the importance of healthy skin and has never stopped studying it. She specialised as a beautician and skin specialist. When she came to Ibiza 20 years ago she opened her own beauty salon and specialised as a Fitoterapist, which is a study of medicinal plants and their effect on the human body and skin. From there she started making her own cosmetic products. She realised that knowing medicinal plants was not enough, because she lacked the knowledge to formulate safe, stable and above all effective cosmetics. So she started her career at the University of Formula Botany where she trained as an advanced formulator specialising in the science of organic cosmetics. Ibiza is a treasure trove of over 200 valuable types of medicinal herbs of which many are of great benefit to the skin. Isabel is right where she wants to be. Apart from making cosmetics for her own brand, Ibiza Softens Age, she likes to share her knowledge and gives workshops so that more people can take advantage of the great value of Ibiza's plant extracts.


Susana Yabar and Stanley Sarpong, co-authors of the lifestyle book El Reto Mariposa and international creators, started their journey on the island of Ibiza, precisely on the beach of Las Salinas. Together they have created the second largest fitness and lifestyle channel for Spanish-speaking women on YouTube with almost 5 million subscribers, with channels in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Although the two produce lifestyle content under their brand Funfitt in the most exotic places and beaches in the world, they say there is nothing like filming their videos at "home", in Ibiza.

Since she was a child, Susana dreamt of becoming a television producer: she found it a fun, different and exciting occupation, and she was surprised that something like this was called "work". In order to fulfil this dream, she studied journalism. After almost two decades in the field, working on programmes such as Supervivientes and Españoles por el mundo, he still thinks it is something fun, different and exciting. Due to his work in television, with changing schedules that did not allow him to go to the gym, he decided to start exercising on his own. As a result, Stanley Sarpong, from his experience of working at Google, proposed the idea of creating a YouTube channel together where they could share their passion for sport and healthy living with others. This project started more than five years ago, and they already have more than four million followers from all over the world on the Spanish-language channel.

Stanley Sarpong, co-creator of the brands Funfitt and @SusanaYabar, has lived without sugar since he discovered he was allergic to sugar and dairy products at a very young age. This, along with playing high-level sports such as football, became his motivation to lead a healthy and natural lifestyle. He studied Nutrition at the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health and has a Masters in Business Administration and Strategic Management. He worked for five years at Google and is best known for being the co-creator and driving force behind the YouTube Street Soccer tour during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He now focuses entirely on digital content creation. His YouTube channels have over five million followers worldwide and he inspires thousands of women (and men) in their personal growth through his workouts. Her mission is to help women feel that confidence is their best make-up.


Claudia is the Managing Director at Clinica Claudia Ibiza, a well known Aesthetic Medicine clinic in Ibiza for more than 20 years. Two years ago she decided to create her own line of anti-aging beauty products with natural ingredients from the island: Ibiza Posidonia, ingredients such as sea water and the active ingredients of the Posidonia algae. These are certified organic cosmetics: no petrochemicals, authorised preservatives, no GMOs, no perfumes or synthetic colourings, no animal testing and a percentage of natural and organic ingredients determined and explicitly stated on the labels. Anti-ageing cream, facial serum, eye contour, spray mist, exfoliating bath gel and body cream. The integral care of your skin.

We hope that this 2nd Ibiza Beauty and Wellbeing Day will continue to be a benchmark for the sector on the island with great professionals and companies that allow us to continue learning healthy habits and to make our best version of ourselves shine. We look forward to seeing you!

Event Information

Event Date 24-07-2021 10:00 am
Event End Date 24-07-2021 1:30 pm
Registration Start Date 14-07-2021
Available Place 0
Cut off date 23-07-2021 11:55 pm



Gel Puro regenerante de Aloe Vera, extracción y usos

Ibizaloe - César Mayol


Visita guiada al parte Ibiza Botánico Biotecnológico


Elaboración de cosmética natural con extractos de plantas ibicencas

Ibiza Soften Age - Isabel Dumas


Coffe Break


Face Yoga & Gimnasia facial

Aztaró Spa Products - Susana Yábar


Taller sensorial olfativo con esencias naturales. Crea tu perfume

Campos de Ibiza - Aurélie Kahn


Cosmética Antiaging Natural. Automasaje preventivo

Ibiza Posidonia - Claudia Sahuquillo y Beatriz Juan


Claudia Sahuquillo

Ibiza Posidonia

Aurélie Kahn

Campos de Ibiza

César Mayol


Isabel Dumas

Ibiza Soften Age

Susana Yábar

Aztaró Spa Products

Sorry, the event is full and we cannot accept any more registrations

If you would like to join the waiting list please send an email with your details to info@ibizahealthandbeauty.com


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